Control your GreenIQ with Amazon Echo

GreenIQ adds Amazon Echo Integration

Via Alexa, homeowners can control irrigation scheduling and be informed of water savings with the simple use of their voice. Read full press release > Watch Video >

GreenIQ adds Amazon Echo IntegrationSetting up Amazon Echo to work with GreenIQ hub

1. Go to and authenticate using your Amazon account that has Amazon Echo connected.
2. Go to Skills section and locate the GreenIQ app using search field as shown below

3. To work properly your Amazon account and GreenIQ accounts should be linked. To link your account go to the details page of GreenIQ skill and click "Enable Skill" button.

4. After a moment you will be presented with GreenIQ authorization page. On that page you should provide your GreenIQ credentials in corresponding fields and press "Sign In" button. If you was authenticated before you will be authenticated automatically. In any case in the end you should be presented with an Amazon Alexa page that tells that GreenIQ was successfully linked.

5. After this you can use GreenIQ skill on your Amazon Echo device After linking process is performed the following commands are available:
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