The Top 5 Best Rated Riding Lawn Mowers for 2 Acres

The Top 5 Best Rated Riding Lawn Mowers for 2 Acres

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Husqvarna MZ61 Mower



Husqvarna TS 348XD Tractor



Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower

Owning a large property can be a blessing and a curse, especially when it comes time to mow the lawn.

A riding lawn mower is an efficient solution that can make this job a lot easier but if you’ve never purchased one before, they can be a daunting investment.

What is the best riding lawn mower? There are lots of different riding lawn mowers, including zero turn mowers and ride on tractors, so it depends on what your property requires.

Specific features to consider include a comfortable seat, power source, mowing deck size, and price range, so there’s a lot to think about.

To help you narrow down the search, we’ve reviewed the best riding lawn mowers on the market this year. With this guide, you’ll know which mowers are worth considering and what features make them stand out from the pack.

Our Recommendations for the Best Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding lawn mowers are powerful machines when it comes to cutting the lawn in minimal time, but they’re not created equally.

If you need the best lawn mower for 2 acres or more, we’ve hand-picked our favorites that can complete the assignment with ease.

Best Overall: Husqvarna MZ61 Riding Mower

Short summary

Husqvarna’s MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower is a gas powered machine that’s ideal for large properties, featuring a 61 inch cutting width and 24HP Kawasaki engine. 

With loads of extras like 9-bushel bag, 11-gauge steel cutting deck, roll over protection system, and ergonomically designed seat, it’s got everything you need for mowing efficiently and comfortably.

As our pick for the best zero turn mower for 2 acres, there’s a lot to love about the Husqvarna MZ61 Riding Mower.

The massive 61 inch cutting deck width will slash your mowing times in half, and because it’s made with fabricated 11-gauge steel, it’s designed to withstand a lot of use and keep humming along for years to come.

Using a deck lifting system that can be operated and adjusted from your seat and a powerful 24HP Kawasaki engine, it makes mowing larger spaces a breeze.

The MZ61 has six-inch wide caster wheels and roll over protection system in place, you’ll be able to mow anywhere without the fear of tipping.

Better still, they’ve designed the seat to be ergonomic and comfortable with a high back seat, vibration dampeners, and foam hand grips, so it’s enjoyable to use your Husqvarna for hours on end.

As you mow, you can choose between mulching, discharge, or bagging in the included 9-bushel trip bag system, but the mulching kit needs to be purchased separately.

The Husqvarna MZ61 Riding Mower is covered with an impressive five year warranty for your peace of mind and the solid reputation that this brand has.

Although it’s an expensive option, it comes with all of the goods, so if you can afford it there’s nothing better than the MZ61.

Quick Facts

  • Power source: Gas
  • Item weight: 770lbs
  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 48 inches
  • Cutting Width: 61 inches
  • Cutting Positions: N/A



Runner-Up: Husqvarna TS 348XD Garden Tractor

Short summary

Husqvarna’s TS 348XD Garden Tractor is ideal for two-acre properties with a 48 inch steel ClearCut Deck, 24HP Kawasaki engine, and Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission. 

There are loads of features packed into this tractor that assist with an easy mowing experience including a high back seat, padded steering wheel, electric locking differential, steel hood, and heavy duty steel frame.

If you prefer a tractor style riding lawnmower, the Husqvarna TS 348XD is one of the best.

This riding tractor features a 48 inch ClearCut deck made with fabricated steel for durability, and it’s known as one of the world’s best designs when it comes to performance and cutting precision.

The electrical locking differential helps power both rear wheels at the same time and reduces friction, giving you a smooth and easy mowing experience.

As a slightly smaller deck, it might take a little longer to cut the grass, but the operation is sturdy and stable, and there are plenty of features included for your comfort.

The 18 high back deluxe seat and soft rim steering wheel make it a dream to ride for long periods and you have two foam padded armrests for added comfort, so you’ll never feel fatigued.

The Husqvarna TS 348XD is made with a 24HP Kawasaki FR Series Twin OHV engine for unrelenting power and has a Tuff Torq K66 ELD Hydrostatic Transmission.

As usual, this tractor mower is covered with the trademark five year warranty that the Husqvarna brand is famous for, and the first time you ride it you’ll feel just how reliable and powerful it is.

If you prefer a tractor mower and want the most reliable and precise cut out there, the TS 348XD from Husqvarna is our favorite.

Quick Facts

  • Power source: Gas
  • Item weight: 672lbs
  • Dimensions: 60 x 71 x 43 inches
  • Cutting Width: 48 inches
  • Cutting Positions: N/A



Alternative: Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower

Short summary

Ryobi’s Battery Electric Riding Lawn Mower features a 38-inch cutting deck and three brushless motors that power it along, giving you up to 2.5 hours of running time from a single charge.

The mower features a two-blade deck and 12 cutting position manual adjustability, as well as a USB phone charger, cruise control, and LED headlights, just to name a few.

Ryobi has designed a powerful 48-Volt Riding Mower with their RY48111 model, offering a green alternative to gas mowers.

With a two-blade deck, 12 position adjustments, and 38 inch cutting width, it’s a good size for larger lawns, but may struggle a little cutting anything larger than two acres.

Ryobi has packed this with cool extras like a USB charger, cruise control, and LED headlights, so it’s a lot of fun to ride while you mow.

Having a battery powered riding lawn mower is a good and bad thing, with the bad said being that it has to be charged every 2.5 hours, but the good side is that you’re emitting no fumes and the running noise is whisper quiet at less than 70dB.

You also get loads of cool extras included like a USB charger and the ability to plug in and charge at a 120V outlet, so there’s a lot to love.

Ryobi has made this mower to be pretty compact with a 38-inch cutting deck, so it will take longer to mow large spaces.

However, with a weight of 505lbs and green energy powering it, this might not be much of an issue.

The 48-Volt Riding Mower comes with a three year warranty and the reputable name of Ryobi behind it, so if you want a green machine mowing your lawn, it’s the way to go.

Quick Facts

  • Power source: Battery
  • Item weight: 595lbs
  • Dimensions:  63 inches x 46 inches x 38.5 inches
  • Cutting Width: 38 inches
  • Cutting Positions: 12



Alternative: Ariens Ikon Mower

Short summary

Ariens Ikon 52 Inch Zero Turn Mower is a serious beast with a solid tubular frame, automatic transmission, and 23hP 726cc V-Twin Kawasaki FR series engine. 

You can choose between 13 cutting positions while you sit back in the high seat with padded arms rests and the best of both commercial and residential mower features.

The Ariens Ikon 52 Inch Zero Turn Mower is a great choice for properties that measure more than two acres, giving commercial-grade power with residential comfort and usability.

With a 23hp 726cc Kawasaki twin-engine behind it, it’s slightly less torque than others but has enough power to make light work of whatever terrain and type of grass you own.

It’s also one of the cheaper alternatives if you’re not looking for a major brand name, and will still get the job done with ease.

The wider 52 inch cutting deck of the Ikon means less time spent mowing and the 11-gauge steel used to make it ensure it’ll last for years to come.

There are lots of extras that further add to its appeal, like an internally vented carburetor, automatic compression, and twin EZT hydrostatic transaxles, so even absolute beginners can make the most of this machine.

As a bulkier riding lawn mower, the size can take some getting used to, but it can be easily customized to suit your needs thanks to the 13 cutting positions and adjustable seat.

Ariens covers this mower with a three year warranty and exceptional build quality, so if you’re looking for the largest cutting deck possible, the Ikon 52 Inch Zero Turn Mower is one of the best options.

Quick Facts

  • Power source: Gas
  • Item weight: 252lbs
  • Dimensions: 77.5 x 63.4 x 40 inches
  • Cutting Width: 52 inch
  • Cutting Positions: 13



Alternative: Husqvarna Z254 Mower

Short summary

 The maximum speed of this mower is 6.5mph and it uses a patented brake system to keep you and others safe, air induction technology for precision, plus the option to clip, mulch, or discharge the grass that’s been cut. 

With plenty of features for efficiency and a maintenance free transmission, it appears Husqvarna has thought of it all.

The Z254 from Husqvarna is a powerful choice for a large acreage and with a zero turn mower style that makes the job more efficient.

Made with a high performance 26 HP Kohler engine and capable of reaching max speeds of 6.5mph, you’ll have a whole lot of fun whenever you have to mow your own.

The best thing about this riding mower is the air induction technology it utilizes which gives you the most impressive cut you’ve ever seen, and a finished look that can easily rival a professional job.

The Husqvarna Z254 also features a unique braking system that can automatically activate and deactivate depending on what the steering levers are doing, keeping you safe as you drive it.

This riding mower has a wide 52 inch cutting deck made of stamped steel and it weighs a hefty 542lbs, thanks to the heavy flat-stock steel construction.

You get the option to mulch, bag, or discharge grass clippings, but it will cost extra to get the mulching kit accessories if you choose this one.

Husqvarna’s standard five year warranty covers this mower and although it’s one of the priciest buys, the quality and precision of its cut make it worthwhile.

Quick Facts

  • Power source: Gas
  • Dimensions: 72 x 61.49 x 34.48 inches
  • Cutting Width: 52 inches



2 Acres Lawn Mowing FAQs

Zero turn mowers, electric mowers, and budget friendly mowers are just a few examples of what’s on the market today to help you keep your two acre yard cut.

If you’re still unsure about which model would suit you best, read on for a few FAQs about these mowers that’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What Size Mower Do I Need For 2 Acres?

What Size Mower Do I Need For 2 Acres?

The recommended size for large properties more than two acres is a ride-on mower with at least 50 inches cutting deck width.

You could use something smaller than this but the time taken to complete the job will be a little more, so it might not be the best investment for a property this size.

How Long Does It Take To Cut 2 Acres Of Grass?

With a good riding mower, you can expect to spend between one and two hours cutting two acres of grass.

This depends on the terrain and layout of the property and the quality and size of your riding mower, so both of these need to be factored in as well.

Do You Need Zero Turn Mower For 2 Acres Of Grass?

Do You Need Zero Turn Mower For 2 Acres Of Grass?

Zero turn mowers are recommended for larger property sizes like two acres, but they’re not the only option.

The biggest benefits of using a zero turn mower are faster mowing, better visibility, and more precise cutting, but they cost a lot more than a lawn tractor style of ride-on mower.

Do You Really Need A Riding Lawn Mower For 2 Acres?

While it’s not impossible to mow a two acre lawn without a riding lawn mower, it will be a long and exhausting job.

You can expect to spend at least two times more mowing a property this size using a push behind lawnmower, taking at least four hours to mow the entire thing.

The Easy Way to Mow

A ride-on mower can make this once arduous task a lot more fun, and if you own a large property, there’s no other way to get the job done.

With our favorite finds for riding lawn mowers and some insight into how to choose the right one, you’ll find mowing your lawn becomes one of your favorite pastimes.



Husqvarna MZ61 Riding Mower


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