Lawn Mowing

Even if you’re new to lawn maintenance, you probably know that beautiful lawns don’t come about by chance.

Lawn mowing is one of the maintenance routines required to give your lawn the eye-catching appearance you want. This routine usually takes consistent efforts to produce a well-manicured lawn. It’s also the method most people associate with lawn maintenance and lawn care.

Thankfully, the results are always worth it.

But just before you run your lawnmower, it is crucial to understand the type of lawn you have, the different mowing techniques, and how to maintain the equipment.

How to Determine Your Existing Lawn

Grass Types

If you already have an established lawn, it is essential to identify the exact grass type so you can provide the right type of care (mowing, watering, fertilizing, and more).

The easiest way to identify your existing lawn is to observe the grass features. Try to match the features with the description of the different common lawns to determine your lawn type.

Grass color and texture are two of the simplest features to identify because you can easily see and feel them.

Other more distinct features that can help you identify your lawn type include:

  • Blade width: The width of the grass blade can be narrow, medium, or broad.
  • Blade tip shape: Some grass types have sharp, pointed blade tips or rounded tips. Others are shaped like a traditional boat and may also have pointed tips.
  • Grass vernation: Vernation refers to the leave arrangement in new shoots. Some are rolled or circular while others are folded or V-shaped.
  • Grass growth habit: Lawn grass types grow differently. Some spread using below-ground stems (rhizomes) and others have creeping growth using above-ground stems (stolons). Some other grass types grow in bunches.

You can read more about lawn types and soil types in out Lawn Types guide. I will help you identify the exact lawn and soil type you have so you can be sure to take proper care of it.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

If you had lawn, you obviously had to mow it. If you mowed it once you probably noticed that it’s not as easy as it seems and that lawn mowing takes some technique and knowledge.

The standard for most people is to simply decide on a day of the week and mow on that day, some do it on weekend, some do it after they come home from work, some before going to work.

This believe it or not, a very bad practice for your lawn. It takes nothing about your lawn into account. How far the grass has grown, what temperature and humidity it is, what the growth conditions are, what type of lawn more you have, pets, pests etc…

So what are the proper times and circumstances for us to mow our lawn?

Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mower

Out of all the tools for lawn maintenance lawn mowers are probably the first thing that comes to your mind and they’re also by far the most varied and complex. Simply mowing the lawn even without fertilizing or watering in a temperate climate will keep it in a somewhat at least decent looking shape, if only for the fact that it simply doesn’t look like a desolate jungle.

Lawn Mowers can be broadly categorized into these types:

  • Walking Mowers
    • Hand Mowers
    • Push Mowers
    • Electric Powered Mowers
    • Battery Powered Mowers
    • Gas Powered Mowers
  • Ride Mowers
    • Lawn Tractors
    • Read Engine Rides
    • Zero Turn Mowers
  • Robotic Lawn Mowers

There is much discussion on what lawn mower type is best for what lawn, but generally you want to know how wide the lawn mower is, what height it can cut, what area is it recommended for and what it’s power source.

You can also categorize lawn mowers by area and function:

And there are many more categorizations to help you find the right lawn mower for your specific yard.

These days we’ve seen considerable leaps in technology enabling battery powered mowers to come on the market that do a decent job, but they’ll never be as strong as gas powered ones and have the near unlimited durability of electric ones. And the recent innovations in AI technology have shown us that robotic lawn mowers are a possibility but they’re still far from their robotic vacuum cleaner brothers in homes. Spinning blades and

We’ve compiled some guides for you on how to pick the best lawn mower:

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Since lawn mowers are the tools you will be by far be using the most on your lawn. They require a lot of maintenance and care too keep operating in tip top shape. It’s not a surprise then that regular maintenance and checks are a must, especially on gas powered mowers as they have the most parts.

Maintenance is vastly different for hand mowers and ride mowers. It’s also very different depending on your power source hands, electric, gas etc…

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