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Orbit B-hyve



Rachio 3



Rain Bird

We’ve all heard about the smart home revolution, but did you know that there are also smart technologies you can use in the garden as well?

A WiFi sprinkler controller does just as its name suggests and lets you remotely control the irrigation of your garden, taking a lot of the hard work off your hands.

What is the best WiFi sprinkler for my home? A smart sprinkler controller should be compatible with whatever irrigation system you have, including how many watering zones it uses.

These wireless systems come with all kinds of features like different ranges, safety qualities, compatible apps, and connectivity options.

If you’re ready to take a leap into the future and get a smart sprinkler controller system for yourself, finding the right controller is key.

We’ve reviewed some of our favorites on the market to cover all categories and budgets, so check out which ones we rate as the best.

Our Recommendations for the Best WIFI Sprinkler Controller

If you’re ready to replace your existing sprinkler controller with a WiFi-powered one that acts on weather forecasts and an innovative watering schedule, the time is now.

We’ve hand-picked our favorite wireless controllers and what makes them standouts so you can see what the best of smart gardening looks like.

Best Overall: Orbit B-hyve

Short summary

Orbit’s B-hyve Smart WiFi Indoor Mount Sprinkler Timer is a smarter way to water your lawn, coming in either a four-zone or eight zone model.

The features of this wireless sprinkler are compatibility with Amazon Alexa, adjustments with local weather, and included 24V power pack, and it’s all controlled with either an Android or iOS app on your device.

The B-hyve Smart WiFi Indoor Mount Sprinkler Timer connects to your existing water system for an automated approach.

Using the free app on either your Android or iOS device, or whatever smart hub you use at home, you can dictate watering schedules, which zones you want to cover, and how long it should be watering for.

The B-hyve is the best smart irrigation controller if you’re after simplicity and innovation, with the coolest feature being that it responds to changes in weather, rain, and sun exposure and adjusts its spray and schedule accordingly.

This is all thanks to WeatherSense technology and means you can go away on vacation without worrying about your lawn again.

You’ll also be protected with fault and surge protection and a manual override feature, for your peace of mind.

Some people found the app tricky to navigate at first and there was some fiddling if you’re only using two zones, but overall, it was an easy installation process.

This smart device comes with a one-year limited warranty and plug-and-go line cord and transformer, all to make life easier. 

To make watering your garden easy and intuitive, the B-hyve Smart WiFi Indoor Mount Sprinkler Timer is the way to go.

Quick Facts

  • Zones: 4 and 8
  • Connectivity: Android, iOS
  • Range: N/A
  • Custom Features: Weather forecasts, live weather feed, free app, manual override



Runner-Up: Rachio 3

Short summary

Rachio 3 is a smart sprinkler controller that connects to up to eight zones in your garden and is capable of reducing your water bill by 50%.

The Rachio 3 is considered the ultimate in smart sprinkler controllers, and because of its reputation, you’ll pay a lot more to get one.

This system connects to either an iOS or Android device that then lets you control the sprinkler through WiFi, giving you total control to change settings or automate your garden’s irrigation.

For those with a smart hub, you can also connect directly to it, meaning all of your watering can be voice automated and in sync with the rest of your house.

This sprinkler system has plenty of automation possible, like creating smart schedules for specific types of plants or knowing not to turn the water on if it’s been raining.

According to frequent users, you can save up to 50% on your water bill because of the waste it stops, so the higher cost of the sprinkler controller starts to make sense.

The Rachio 3 comes with an AC power adapter included and a detailed manual that’ll teach you everything you need to know.

However, some users have commented that the setup was a little tricker than they thought, taking more than the 30 minutes required.

Rachio covers this with an impressive two-year limited warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee, giving you total peace of mind that you’re buying one of the best smart sprinkler controllers on the market.

Quick Facts

  • Zones: 8
  • Connectivity:  Android 4.4+, iOS10.3+
  • Range: N/A
  • Custom Features: Smart schedules, water monitors, DIY installation



Alternative: Rain Bird

Short summary

With eight zones and compatibility with Amazon Alexa, iOS 8+, and Android 4.4 above, you’ll find it easier to connect to your irrigation system.

Rain Bird’s new and improved ST81-2.0 is back and better than ever, with an easy to program and install way to water your garden.

The best features of this sprinkler controller are daily watering schedules, automatic adjustments based on weather, EPA WaterSense to save water, and computability with Android, iPhone, and Amazon Alexa.

The sprinkler system connects to up to eight zones and each is a separate entity, so your whole house can be watered as it needs to be.

On the downside, the look of this model is somewhat dated, even if the features aren’t. if you’re hoping for something that will gel with the rest of your smart home it might not work.

However, there are loads of extras that make up for it, like being able to control the Rain Bird ST81-2.0 Sprinkler System from at least three different locations, so even if your app is down you can still use the control panel, and vice versa.

Rain Bird is able to be used from anywhere in the world and there are loads of settings you can change like delaying watering for up to 14 days or adjusting the watering schedule when the humidity changes.

With a huge three-year warranty and the reliability of a name like Rain Bird behind this product, you’ll be happy to spend a little extra to get the goods, and this is by far one of our favorites.

Quick Facts

  • Zones: 8
  • Connectivity:  Amazon Alexa, Apple iOS 8 or greater, and Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later
  • Range: N/A
  • Custom Features: EPA WaterSense, water delay, automatic scheduling



Alternative: Netro Smart

Short summary

Netro’s Smart Sprinkler Controller is a simple way to water, coming in either a six or 12 zone system and with features like EPA’s WaterSense and smart scheduling.

The DIY installation takes 15 minutes and the sleek pearl white wall unit is discreet.

With the capabilities to save up to 50% on your water bill and automatic compliance with local watering restrictions, you can do your part for the planet without thinking.

Netro has designed the simplistic Smart Sprinkler Controller to help you manage your home’s irrigation.

The system comes in both a six and 12 zone model, has a lifetime cloud service, and connectivity with Android and iPhone, as well as the usual smart home hubs.

Unfortunately, you do need the app to change any settings which is a letdown, but the sheer amount of stuff you can do with it will surprise you.

There are loads of cool features here that make this eco-friendly, including the EPA’s WaterSense certification.

The Netro can also connect with and automatically adjust to your local government’s water restrictions and is capable of saving up to 50% on your water bill changes, run on an auto-schedule, or be controlled by you as you wish.

It also gives you loads of data with reports on soil health, plant data, and water usage, so you get the total picture of how your garden is growing.

The Netro Smart Sprinkler controller comes with a two-year limited warranty which we love to see at this price point, and Netro stands behind their controller with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

As an indoor-only model, setup is easy, and most people reported spending 15 minutes maximum doing it themselves.

If you want something sleek, modern, and simple to control your home’s irrigation system, the Netro is the way to go.

Quick Facts

  • Zones: 6 or 12
  • Connectivity:  Andoird, iOS, Amazon Alexa
  • Range: N/A
  • Custom Features: EPAWaterSense, DIY installation, smart scheduling



Alternative: Orbit 57946

Short summary

Orbit has developed the B-hyve 6 Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller as the ultimate in-home irrigation. 

Using this sprinkler controller from either the panel or your device, you can set up daily schedules, save water, and let it automate based on weather changes and landscape conditions.

The panel is protected in a weather-resistant case and features compatibility with Android, iPhone, and most smart home hubs for voice commands as well.

Orbit’s B-hyve 6 Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller is the latest and greatest from the brand and gives you control over six zones in your garden.

Using innovative features like WeatherSense for automation, adjustments of water levels, and a locking cabinet, you get lots of cool features without spending a fortune.

Better still, you can control it through the unit or on a wireless device, so you’ll never be without access to your Orbit system.

Disappointingly, it’s one of the more expensive Orbit products and others in their range are quite similar.

However, when you stack it up against the other WiFi sprinkler systems out there, it ends up being one of the cheapest.

For this price, you still get lots of cool features though, including the unique ability to use it inside or outside, and still have the unit protected by a weather-resistant covering.

The Orbit B-hyve is all about saving water and customers noted up to 50% cheaper water bills.

This is thanks to the various features like WaterSense certification, rebate eligibility, and integration with the Catch Cups system.

You’ll only get a one-year warranty with this controller but if Orbit’s reputation is anything to go by, it’ll last a lot longer.

If you’re looking for innovation without breaking the brand, the B-hyze 6 Zone Controller ticks all the boxes.

Quick Facts

  • Zones: 6
  • Connectivity:  Android, iOS, Alexa Amazon
  • Range: N/A
  • Custom Features: Weather detection, control panel accessibility, indoor and outdoor mount



WiFi Sprinkler Controller FAQ

Using a WiFi sprinkler system can take the hard work out of watering your lawn and ensure it never misses a drink.

If you’ve never heard of these smart sprinkler setups before and want to know how they work, read on for some commonly asked questions that can teach you the basics.

Are WIFI Sprinkler Controllers Worth It?

Are WIFI Sprinkler Controllers Worth It?

Using a smart irrigation system can be a gamechanger for people with large properties or lots of various watering needs.

Even homes with smaller yards can benefit from using a smart sprinkler system if they want a hands-off approach to watering their lawn, so it depends on the individual’s preference.

How Does WIFI Sprinkler Controller Work?

A smart sprinkler controller is designed to replace the traditional in-ground sprinkler system and timer and lets you control the irrigation systems of your garden with your Bluetooth or WiFi.

Some models let you attach a sprinkler directly to the garden hose to be controlled remotely if you don’t already use an in-ground irrigation system.

How To Control My Sprinklers From My Phone?

How To Control My Sprinklers From My Phone?

To control your garden’s sprinklers remotely, you’ll need to purchase a WiFi sprinkler system and download the corresponding app on your phone or device.

From there, you can set it to turn on and off at specific times, weather patterns, or remotely on demand, giving you an easier way to water your lawn.

What Else Can A Typical Smart Sprinkler Controller Do?

A smart sprinkler system can be used to fully automate how often you water your lawn and plants.

Some of the most common settings you can change are how much water it uses, the times that it waters, how much water is used, and if certain weather patterns should impact how it’s used.

Smarter Water For Your Lawn

The smart home revolution has now moved into the garden with many of us feeling grateful that it’s now easier to take care of our beloved plants and lawns.

A WiFi sprinkler system is just the beginning of transforming your garden into a smart one, so grab one of our recommendations to see what they’re capable of.



Orbit B-hyve

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